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Typing a patient note : New Compulsory Formate in step 2 CS

As of July 17, 2011, all examinees taking the USMLE Step 2 CS will be required to type the patient note.
Here are some rules for patient note formate.
You will be given specified space to write Pt. note.
History - 950 characters 
Physical Examination - 500 characters 
Differential Diagnosis - 80 characters for each diagnosis 
Diagnostic Workup - 80 characters for each workup recommendation
The patient note screen that appears during the actual examination will contain a status bar for each field, indicating how much space remains.

NO Matters how do you write, all CAPS or/ small and caps or/ all small ..., the final patient note and full sentences must be easy to read and understand.

You can practice
here as many times as you want.
click on the image to see sample Typed Pt. notes.

Good luck for new formate.

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